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November 2007 l EDITORIAL


Welcome to Sentinel Poetry (Online) #59


There are not many things that I have completed with as much joy and relief as this 59th issue of Sentinel Poetry (Online). I only hope that for you as our loyal reader, that reading this would give you as much delayed satisfaction as the train you feared was not going to make it that finally came to whisk you off to the destination of your dreams. All is well in the house of Sentinel, and as the managing editor and webmaster, I take full responsibility for this late offering.


For those of you who look forward to Amatoritsero Ede's monthly editorials, this month, time was not kind to him, and I understood his decision to return next month with something he would not look back to in ten years and not feel great about.


So then, here it is. Chris Abani - the sax-playing novelist finally graces Sentinel with his presence as guest poet. Hopefully, you will like his work. By all means, let us know what you think. Just click on the feedback button and e-mail the editor. There are also poems from Bob Beagrie, Esiaba Irobi, Nduka Otiono, Ejovwoke Ophori, and Leyowena Witham.


The featured artist this month is James Cudjoe. I particularly had fun arranging his work; "After the Rain" of course comes sunshine by way of "Good Returns", bountiful harvest, which might bring about a "Happy Return" of exiles and others who jumped the continental African ship when the flood came. But the renaissance does not last, does it? Why then does a new kind of slavery rise across Africa and in the diaspora on the back of evil "Human Traffic". There are tragic stories rising everywhere from the streets of Dafur through London to New York City. All of us, caught in humanity's whirlwind of illogicality and brutality hide in our tiny corners of this wide wide world with only our "Reflections" on what is and what could have been gnawing at us like cancer. I like Cudjoe's work very much and must thank our Art Editor, Patrick Iberi for grabbing him for Sentinel.


Next Month.


Believe it or not, on December 1, 2007, Sentinel Poetry Movement and Sentinel Poetry (Online) would be 5 years old. Now, we are talking about publishing the issue 60 of our online magazine. Of course we not only want that issue to be great, but we want it to be on time. I start working on it tonight. But Mr Ede will still consider work submitted right up to the 22nd of November. We want poetry, essays, interviews, reviews, artworks, photography, and regular feedbacks to let us know how we are doing.


Send all submissions for that special issue to 


Kind regards



Nnorom Azuonye

Managing Editor


11th November 2007







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