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Munayem Mayenin is British, and poet-in-Residence at Southwark Libraries. He is author of poetry collections Poetica Rainbow Ryder, The Geography of Time, The Son of Eternity and Command the Moon. He edits Poetís Letter online and print magazines.


Meghan Casey is a Canadian Poet. She is a frequent contributor to the Canadian In/Words literary magazine and also performs at poetry readings in Ottawa.  She is pursuing a Masters degree in Literature at Carleton University, Ottawa.  


Ashok Niyogi is an Economics graduate from Presidency College, Calcutta. He made a career as an International Trader and has lived and worked in the Soviet Union, Europe and South East Asia in the Ď80s and Ď90s.  He has one collection of poems, Tentatively (iUniverse: Lincoln, Nebraska, 1995).


Elizabeth Kate Switaj teaches English at Shengda College in China's Henan Province.  Her full-length book of poetry, How to Drink a Floral Moon, is forthcoming from Blue Lion Books, while her chapbook, The Broken Sanctuary: Nature Poems, is currently available from Ypolita Press.  She edits Crossing Rivers into Twilight.


Jumoke Verissimo lives in Lagos, Nigeria.  Her poems and short stories have appeared in The Journal, Bathtub Gin, Boyne Berries, Chimurenga, Sentinel Poetry and many anthologies.  She writes for The Guardian Newspaper, Nigeria. She is one of the editors of the ezine,


John Mubiru is Ugandan. He had his formative education in Uganda and Kenya. He later moved to the United States where he attended the Centre for Media Arts. Johnís paintings are often done on canvas and cloth with oils, dyes and wax (Batik), employing techniques he developed as a young artist in East Africa. Most of his works venerate the dances, ceremonies, landscapes and regalia of the Massai, Turkana, Baganda, Nandi, Swahili and many more tribes of the African diaspora. His works can be viewed at


Anne Herbert was born in Ghana. She has a degree in fine art from the University of Science & Technology, Kumasi. She studied life drawing and photography at the Heatherley's School of Fine Art in England. She is mostly interested in landscape painting but her passion at the moment is capturing working people in oil on canvas. Through photoartistry, she reproduces giclee prints on canvas and a range of textured fine art papers. Herbertís work can be viewed at









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