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Jumoke Verissimo


Whole Fragments

(For Labyrinths).


On this deluge of sparseness

have my tendrils split the scales of their twining

far-far, into a distance unforeseen in the mind of mystics….


I have sampled learning from these labyrinths' secret; preserved,

drizzles of musings resisting

the heats of collective amnesia.


What if he had rained more pieces of magic sapphire? — that Okigbo —

that heritage of an unborn…


Now I pore into that least of his less —

discourses of all those,

I-read-him, I-read-what-looks-like-him,

I-knew-who-knew-him, I-knew-what-read-like-him….


Words of wishes have gathered greatness

into a will to swindle time,

or break wind — one that carries its smell into a trillion myth

in memory of a memory that stays a memory…


In yearnings I hear Silence…


driving ignorance into a compulsion of assumptions

what if…

renders itself an anthem, that torments our desires….


I pray and watch for Distances…


But Heavensgate is a fiction when our longings are unfulfilled

how can…

is the incomprehensiveness we welded a man's worth with.


I wait to break these Limits…


If only I could trail this Path of Thunder



     Jumoke Verissimo

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