Eila Mahima Jaipaul


Hopeless upon my bed


the clock still blinks
from a recent power outage
its eerie green blue light casting
shadows of the wrong time

in regular increments on my walls


sounds of apathetic people
waft upward

filling me with sickness enough
to turn stomachs like old engines
slowly, desperately



it's times like these
when mediocrity starts to sneak up

that I'll wonder if you're

still asleep
tides of smoke washing over you
or if you're content in your wanderings?


deciding to fix the clock

nostrils burning, throat in coils
my mind never leaves

your smile





 I crave your mouth
in a way that makes me think
I want to make up
for my chastity
by having your mouth
take me on a trip

I crave your love
in a way that would
put me in a pitiful state
of in-love-ness
by having your mouth
in places, on places

I suppose I fell in love like this

I crave your mouth
to not kiss me but to talk
in sweet phrases
by having your mouth
assure me my insanity is not useless

I’m terrified of your mouth
that it will kiss me
and all the little drops of anguish
will run in together



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