Eila Mahima Jaipaul




this is how I died

knowing you for the last ten years

but really only knowing you for a week

it was long enough to fall in, and out

of love


I'm tired.


weary of being brave, bold faced

demure in clear boxes

while wayward pieces of me fall

or were picked clean daily

while you sharpened all

the scissors and knives

till they cut wishes


my world rests within shelves

yet there are still attempts

at self-creation lacking boundaries


when there's failure

I like to cry on your pillow

so you're forced to sleep on my tears





deep red throat sings blues

eyelashes disappear



a day. I was nearly blinded, hibernating

behaving like soggy bread products

soft in the belly

loosing faith



stain the skin

never let it bleed away



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