Femi Osofisan


Be the fire


 – (But your voice, Iwapele,

steals, vulturous, into the nest

to bear away my grief:)



Do not be content with little fires

Set the dawn ablaze!


And in the afternoon, return

With fresh torches, new angers:


Be the fire itself!


Dream no dream before it smoulders

And is reborn again as ember


Glowing and sparkling and endlessly

Oxidizing into dream again, before it burns


Let the whole day come blackly alight

Let your night burn in its dark awesomeness.





And you think:

this one will wound me most


this one who does not belong

this one already bound like a

ship for elsewhere –


who has come and gone, and left

tides of troubled stories

upon the beach of your mind.


It is time to start again

and especially where the tale began

even without the song in it:


You will stand and urge the season:

            wash me anew


You know that the price of loving

has been this moment of solitude

and it is time to turn away

to die softly into the tale as it grows


and rise again with the moon

like a newly written song



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