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Quick note


Normally, this is where our monthly editorial should come, but standing in for the Editor-in-Chief Amatoritsero Ede who is not due to return until the October 2007 issue, I did not get around completing one...a proper one so to say, and I still managed to deliver the magazine 5 days late.


Normally, we would feature a guest poet and a guest artist. Not this month. Nkechi Nwosu-Igbo and Uche Edochie are fine artists and I believe our Arts Editor Patrick Iberi will soon be in touch  with them for a more befitting feature in the journal, with interviews et al.


Next month, September is going to be a different story however. For the first time ever, Sentinel Poetry will have a non-living poet as guest: CHRISTOPHER OKIGBO - easily one of the greatest, and some would say the greatest African poet who ever walked the earth. Planned to coincide with the Christopher Okigbo Conference in the United States in September, we will feature some of the most popular Okigbo poems and a special montage of comments by eminent African and international poets on the person and writings of Okigbo. To add to the experience, Okigbo's artist daughter Obiageli will be our Guest Artist for September. Expect my interview with her.


Depending on my mood, I would consider non-Okigbo related poetry for the September issue, but I admit I might be biased towards poems written in honour of the man.


For now, welcome to the August Sentinel. Enjoy!


Nnorom Azuonye

Managing Editor


Nnorom Azuonye

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