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A.E.: You mentioned the painter, Turner, in one of the new poems for the August edition of sentinel. Did you read the blistering engagement of the Middle Passage by David Dabydeen in Turner: New and selected Poems from Dangaroo press in the UK?


G.E.C.:  Yes, I'm aware of Turner's painting, though not of Dabydeen's poem (though I do know some of his other work). Turner's depiction of slavery is haunting, but at least he was aware of where the Empire was getting its money from- and how. Jane Austen also knew, but was more subtle in her reflections.


A.E.: What are you working on at the moment?


G.E.C.: My project-in-progress is a dramatic poem about Pierre Elliott Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada (1968-79, 1980-84), intended for operatic treatment.... A perfect follow-up to George & Rue!


A.E.: Thank you for your time and an insightful conversation.




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