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Sentinel Poetry (Online) July 2007



Paul Ainsworth


Las Vegas Love


“Russian Roulette”, the money said

All and sundry with no bread.

The card is dealt upon the green felt,

Reach the win or face the brain melt.

A pounding pleasure dome, trick of the hand

The casino engulfs the money chasing bland.


Glide into airport keen for a jackpot

Fly out of airport feeling like a crackpot.

Red 10, black 7, the urgent win of glee,

Oh Las Vegas, make passionate love to me.

Stakes always high along The Strip

Old, but able to pay for that plastic hip.


Conquistador discovery, water short,

Twenty-first century, very loud shorts.

Discover the oasis of the Spaniards,

Las Vegas translation is The Meadows…


Back to century number twenty,

Colossal theme hotels and gambling for plenty.

New York New York!  Excalibur and Sahara,

Circus Circus! Tropicana and limited laughter.


Two monarchs dealt in a game of chance,

The spinning slots take the last dance.

The game.  The game, as the WIN blinds us,

Next time a millionaire,

Or is the dice behind us?


The Boulevard pleasure dome versus Constitution,

Victorious money without ablutions.

The Constitution all shy, but never bleak

The Constitution coy but never weak.


The money’s all consuming blind beauty,

The monies defend the love of booty.

Gamble the money in the desert dirt

And be very careful, don’t lose that Vegas T-shirt.

Vivacious Vegas dynamic all day,

Inspirational Meadows, Planet Earth’s anyway.


The ode’s free verse game never condemns,

The ode’s a game with no alternate money trends.





Paul Ainsworth





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