Sentinel Poetry (Online) #44  


ISSN 1479-425X Editor: Amatoritsero Ede                                                            


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Janet Somerville


Blackberry Picking


 Weathered plants thirty years old

stretch through shallow soil

on Canadian Shield


Black lanterns

hang suspended from thorny stalks

in early August


Fruit the size of thumbnails

hides from greedy fingers

stained sticky indigo


Ripe berries

plink plonk plink

the tin bottom


A chalice held again

by three-year-old hands



Elegy for Doolin


Bronte mourns

throws back her spotted head


curly chocolate ears hanging

pink and brown lips pursed


 howls her outrage

at the moon the sun the stars


 the snow beyond the bay window

mute witness to her lamentation


 she tries another tactic

worries away a patch of her paw


 until it bleeds the loss

of her canine companion




Imprisoned in the Galleria dell’Accademia


under a vaulted glass dome

Michelangelo’s David stands

his carved veins throb with life


bely bloodless carrara circuitry;

marble muscles flex and relax

he shifts his heft to his right hip


his slingshot blithely draped

over his left shoulder

gazing pensively across the Arno


he contemplates the weight

of the smooth stone

palmed in his heavy right hand



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