Victoria Kankara


Nuptial Dance


 You don’t know how the heart beats

When the musky fragrance of a lover precedes his entrance.

Between the empty distances from you,

I am trapped in thoughts of wrapping you with love,  

Like the night wraps the evening sky

With ethereal blankets unfolding,  

Cautiously advancing, treading softly,

Twilight on a mission to entice the moon with his dark presence,

Coaxing her to illuminate his existence.

Shine down your love on me,

Let the dew of your breath preserve my essence.

Let me find life in your eyes

Let your light sustain my fire.

For tonight we shall dance.


Tender the Night


Tonight, the night prepares a love nest

Where I will inhale the maleness in your breath

And exhale with exhilaration amidst torrents of emotion:

The way your eyes look into mine, 

The speech of lips in quick succession;   

Every kiss a tribe diverse in its culture, 

Diverse in its understanding of the elements at work,

Unraveling the mystery of souls

Joined in nocturnal symphony,

The union of souls – yours and mine – 

To the music of the night,

Its ambience like satin in bridal procession. 



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Sentinel Poetry (Online) #44  


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