Victoria Kankara


Soul song 1


 You lay me down on pastures green.

Your hand underneath my head embraces me,

Shackling my soul with thrills from your touch,

Your touch tender, tickling the crevice of my heart;

Your touch so soothing, singing songs that

Serenade my soul.




 Desire takes me by storm

Raging in my bosom.

My well overflows with a foretaste

of your peace offerings, 

of good things to come

My breasts tingle with unending joy

Let your oil-well sustain this inferno

Overcome me with longing, with 

Nostalgic feelings of you by my side.

Ravish me! Let me drown in the deluge of passion.

Let me burn with your love.

Let it etch your touch in my soul

Let its intensity consume and satisfy me.


Strange Encounters


 The gentle strokes of your fingers,

The magic they work

Unleashing the fire within

Right here where I long to be kissed,

Right here where your heart finds mine,

Right here where we imprison our fears,

Two known strangers

Meeting for the very first time.


My orgasms are multiplied.


 *A French word meaning ‘Pleased to meet you.’


Love Celestial


Time loses its temerity.

Our souls we drench

With the aroma of scented candles,

As they burn into oblivion with gusto,

The smoke from each smouldering wick

Calligraphs my name in your heart,

My name you curl softly with your lips and

Release in endless moans of pleasure,

Replicate of our heartbeat. 

In the wake of the night,

Sleep becomes an intruder we gleefully conquer, 

Snuggling into each other,

Ravaging the remains of the night,

Forbidding terrestrials to stir from their slumber – 

They must not taint this celestial hour.



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