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I appreciated the historical context Mr. Ede used in this month's Sentinel Online editorial, analyzing the evolution of the professional poet. In full>> In addition, I really enjoyed the Amiri Baraka poem’s analysis and the clever punning on "Nobel Prize". I agree with Mr. Ede that Baraka did a brave public service in offering an alternate viewpoint, but that his criticisms could have been posed in a more subtle, indeed, 'artful' way that might criticize not only the American government, but also the propagandist language that continues to support the government's claims to knowledge.


Meghan Casey




I read your ‘professional poet’ editorial with interest.  I like your enthusiasm, vigour and grandeur in presenting it. “The professional poet is forced to sing the tunes expected of him”… This stuck in my head and if a professional poet does exist in this day and age it is at a compromise of his talents, I feel. The poet has to fit in with other themes and hatch his eggs in tiny little boxes. I enjoyed your history and was an captivating read


Ashley White




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