Remi Raji


Whispers in the Silence



Now blown in different airs, falling

I am like the balloon, light and pregnant

In the sensation of dangerous knowing.

I am the many parts of a heart which beats in different bodies.

I shall write predictable lines that cry for consummation:

About postcard beauties in the rough centre

About solemn emptiness, about lust and the story of blood

and forgiving, forgetting, forsaking, foreboding, forewarning …

And I, surprised at the deft cruelness of guided exile

Walking through the corridors of cold stares, still

I am here, dreadlocked, in an open space, an invisible wall

Solid as glass, my fingers find your face, but you are far away.

For it was in your first image that I dwelt most.

In the quiet explosion of lights

Your face always flowing, screaming back, in the silence

The fathom of unspoken sighs deep as the rivers.



So does my singer sing in vain?

Not one limb is left by the curse,

Though far from the boiling point

There’s no ceasefire in the spleen.

Not one tear remains where congeals the blind weal in Earth’s eyes

Not one stone is left, in the gouging of Laughter…

There’s no ceasing in the carving of pain

Will my voice thus grate in vain?

So how shall I score you in the keynote of this poem?

As the lover who took away the breath and the warmth?

Or as the friend who pointed at the market of no return

Where elves rule, where souls are signed on simple ‘rithmetic of ruse?

Or may I forget you as the deft contraction of apostrophes

As the tender promise which evaporates like the dew?

May I ask you to mock me as the harsh wind mocks the boneless ear?

Vomit me now into the sea of forgetting, I shall be free.



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Remi Raji

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