Obododimma Oha


 Song of the Udu & Oyo


 She rattles

Uwa bu ahia !

Sellers and buyers

Buyers of sellers

Sellers of buyers


 He echoes

The goods of the good sometimes unsold


 The woman of Umuleri seeking

The goodness of the goods

In the afternoons of loss


 Iya, uwa bu ahia !


 Again, against the gain

 The cost of the bad goods

The sweetest vanity

What we have bought

From what we have sold

Takes us to the next market  



 The Road to the Stream Sings:


 Oso mgbada bu n'ugwu

Tum tum gem gem

Oso mgbada bu n'ugwu


 Our legs s/printing our destinations

On the wet sands of time

Our hearts answering to the call

Of the Headstream

Who knows not the way to the Source

Can follow fragments of clay pots


 The willing waterwoman waits

To lift the last pot onto the last head

At Udenguma


 Homeward, no word

When it echoes doom doom

The hill wonders

With parted lips

Under my hurrying feet


 Oso mgabda bu n'ugwu

Tum tum gem gem …



 In the Light of our Darkness


 Someone's sun rises

Someone's sun sets

Someone wants someone's risen sun to set

Quickly, and light daring darkness

Floods the streets of intimacy


 Messengers of the brave

Befriend the grave

In the light of their dark passions


 I have seen darkened suns

In mornings of mourning at Abagana


 And now when darkness returns to chase

The shadow of the rising sun

I remember to light up my dreams

For a history of eternal struggle


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