Chiedu Ezeanah

 Song of Time and Tides


 When human beings found out about beguiling Time,
 They sent the poet to Chukwu with the Sun-Stone.

 They wanted Time that bites its own tongue
 To free the multitudes from its steel jaws.

 They wanted Chukwu to alter Time's terrors
 And touch the base of man's sympathetic being.

 They wanted Time that belittles to ennoble.
 They wanted their own strains of stolen loves.

 They wanted their ration of the eternal.
 They wanted Time to be timeless.

 I've heard, Chukwu said, your grieving chants swell.
 But read the motions of my lips in the final couplet:

 Planet of my Spirit's harness, Villagers of my destiny's elect
 Only the Sea's true bard translates time's overpowering spell...


 Spirit Song
 (Around the Ogbanje theme; for Dambudzo Marechera)

 I am the sound system itself.
 I am everything else you shriek to repress.

 I am completely irreverent
 To silence, to lovelessness,
 To political correctness:

 I'm human longing and song.

 A voice all my own the jittery scribal barons
 Wish to drown in polemical monotones.

 I am the run-on lines of lies you invent.
 I am the unrest and the atonement.

 A tone flows into variations that sing
 Out of the abundance of the spirit
 A need for hymns that heal
 Beyond poetic pigeon-holes...


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