April, 2007

Sentinel Poetry (Online)


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Patrick Iberi


A Tinge of Rainbow


Choosing colours in art is always made with a certain prejudice; a bias that ends only with the adoption of one or two (or a variety of others) as favourite(s). An impatient testament to this is communicated by Patrick J. Murphy’s paintings, our featured artist in this month’s edition. He sacrifices symbolism to a degree but energises his offerings by immersing himself in the emotive demands of primary colour tones. “Embedded on canvas” is a vivacious mix of hues as intense and eloquent as his artistic imagination. This intensity has remained the same in earlier works by the Belfast artist, who has exhibited and sold his work extensively throughout Ireland and all around the world. The main features of his paintings include the use of symmetrical lines held up by the beauty of bold and bright colours prompting any interloper for commentary. Murphy’s work has a strong influence of the Pre-Raphaelites’ sense of beauty and mystery, but it is Van Gogh’s love of colour that he has appropriated to contemporary effect. For him, a degree in Art and Art history from the Belfast Institute of Higher Education came with the joy of experimenting with traditional landscape and portrait painting before he found his artistic voice years later. Synonymous with most of his work is a liberal use of oil paint; and this harnessing of colours is imbued with a sheer and distinct force. Viewers and collectors all over the world are united in appreciating this artist’s style for its dazzling freshness and candour. Hence, contextualizing his visual representation remains a very engaging task because of its universal appeal. Murphy’s paintings break all provincial barriers. The millennium began in earnest in 2001 for this artist with a major and successful exhibition at the AGORA Gallery on Broadway in New York. He is currently showing at the ARTPIC Gallery in Hollywood, California. More of his work can be also viewed at www.saatchi-gallery.co.uk/yourgallery and www.artwanted.com/patrick.


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