Alan Hardy




She feels the need to pretend annoyance at being put upon,

over the phone blanch her blushing guilt by words

not standing for it any more,

but she doesn't mind, embraces their use of her

by coiling around them her exploitation.


Human beings dance and twist before our very eyes,

put on a show, act out little angers and prides

that rarely reflect convenience and its needs.

Others come close to her, make use of her,

and their purposes coincide with hers,

welcomes them so that they spin around each other's dependence,

never miss a step.


Jigsaw pieces slot into each other to give the full picture,

selfish concerns and problems double into social intercourse.

Virtue and sin don't enter into it;

humans weave chance and necessity into a fabric

worn underneath scruples before third parties.



Alan Hardy won the Sentinel Poetry Bar writing challenge March 2006, with “Unscrupulous”



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Alan Hardy

Sentinel Poetry (Online) #41

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