“Queen’s Tea Party” by AM Jules continued from previous page


tomorrow you will be rightfully the envied black queen

all sexually-related diseases shall leave your body tonight

he shall be purified in mind body and soul sanity will return

blood of royalty will well up in his brain his heart will beat

loudly proudly will he stand by his offspring proudly will he

guide his house proudly will he defend his kind and teach

and prepare his sons and daughters for their heritage


 empty your cups sisters

bear the unbearable taste of this life for

the last time let filth mix with gastric juices

destroy its content

vomit vomit it all up let it fall to the dirt

feel the twisting ache of protrusive propulsion pangs

a labour of love yes love of person love of race love of family

love of black men


 for the salvation of our women and children and men


 bleed the innocent goat who shall

by spirit reach every black man in a moment

changing lives sobering the drunk healing the lame

unchaining the enslaved minds of our black men

returning them to she who will be waiting for his return

from death


 rejoice black queens your kings will return from battle unwounded

rejoice future black queens and kings you shall rule in unity for

tonight your future is repaired.


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Sentinel Poetry (Online) #41

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