A. M. Jules


Queens’ Tea Party


bellyache gripe gripping the fasciae of my soul

aaauugh! another innocent black life brutally truncated


come come quickly my daughters sisters nieces cousins

bring mother aunt grandmother and great grandmother, if she be

it is time for us to commune--convene the tea party


serve blood brewed hot fresh from vascular wound

mix in tears of abundance around us creating a sea

pour in each one’s carnage of abandonment deceit hurt and hell

slowly add expectorant of abuse and battered wombs


bring me child a lock of hair from his crotch

set the sacrificial goat unblemished before my feet

gripe my children queens insulted outrightly

our men are about to turn around the

corner you will not have to worry anymore


serve the tea apportion to all equally


let none be without the lot of the other for

tonight your suffering shall cease

your black men will return from

every foreign bed upon which they defile

and insult you tonight there will be tea


tea you consume will spew from rotten flesh of

unauthorized affairs


all black women are here with us let us pray

let us sip of the stench of destruction

agony trails of failure gansta child desertion

emotional void resentment overwhelming retarded growth

low self image and esteem destitute in every way


start the chant let hair fall to cups bottom

visualize visualize first queens see the future

where is he what is he doing?

visualize your fatherless gangsta child where

is he what is he doing?


bring him home from between albino thighs

reduce his appendage an inch with every unclean stroke

force open his eyes that he sees you luscious queen and not she queen

cry his name let him acknowledge your pain his masterpiece

implant image of births of children which he missed

show him beauty

show him life


this great moment of catharsis has arrived long overdue you

wail wail for the lost sisters that will take your place tomorrow

for they will be the deserted in the morning the mulattos

and exotic hybrids will pay the price for the black man’s carelessness for

losing spirit and succumbing to society’s trap surrendering crown

assimilating to standards of lasciviousness


be happy and laugh once again

shout with joy for your black sisters children brothers

returning to their roles finally an unsplintering

a diaspora of sorts a leaving and returning


Queen’s Tea Party continues>>


Sentinel Poetry (Online) #41

INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF POETRY & GRAPHICS...Since 2002     ISSN 1479-425X     April 2006

Editor: Amatoristero Ede

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