A. M. Jules


May I Share the Earth


may i share the earth?

which boundaries you have stolen

no not the drying grassy patch so brown and mangy

over there where you play golf and have tea


may i share the earth?

the enriched soil and oil producing part you just bought

no not the part drained of its resources

where people starve and turn to corpses


may i share the earth?

on the shoreline where you vacation

no not the polluted pond and lakes and rivers dejected by your type

there where you swim naked and sunbathe and cuddle and coo and escape hype


may i share the earth?

those rich mineral mines you have for yourself secluded

no not the nickel shack that’s falling down empty

that big one with the children working barely moving but producing plenty


may i share the earth?

that island surrounded by clean pure air and water

no not the shanty town with frequent mudslides

where cobeaux wait anxiously and it is safer to just stay inside


Why the f_ _ k won’t you let me share the earth?



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Sentinel Poetry (Online) #41

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