Eugene B. Redmond


Choreo-Empress' Leg-a-cy Lands on East Saint Earth, 2nd Take

(homage to Katherine Dunham, age 90 plus)



(1967: descent amidst civil rights & black arts movement)

East Saint Earth ferments:


she-maze of Port-au-Princely slinks.



(routes de passage)

O Hambone's "Minnehaha!"

Katherine's choreoper-ah!

"Sally Walker" to "L'Ag Ya!"



(1925 bus ride recalls east saint louis race riots of 1917)

Yanvalou lurched past

East Boogie's pungent memories,

warrior Lovejoy's Alton.



(joliet, chicago, port au prince)

Lady Diaspora

hurdled AME's prayer bench,

ball & jack'd Damballah.



(christening of the drumpriestess: Haiti)

Between death & dawn

snakes, stilts & tambourines

chased rum-drunk zombies.



(1967 #2: dumas/dunham return to east saint earth)

Fox/goddess & Ankh Dumas

orbited Arkansippi,

Blood Island & Cotton Club.



(fleshing dreams & homages at the barr)

Pelvic motors buzzed

Queen's Court in Milesville, drumscoping

"East Saint Louis Toodle-oo."



(star of dakar domiciles in east boogie)

From tin & wombwood, Mor Thiam,

her Wolof prince/protégé,

fleshed djembe miracle.



(feasts of art & revolution)

O gyral-notations

rioting in Katherine's

God-spacious girdle.



(reflections: 90th birthday celebration in Milesvile)

Lords of London legs

flew Jesu-Voudoun's chariot

thru nine decades & change.



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Sentinel Poetry (Online) #40


ISSN 1479-425X     March 2006