Eugene B. Redmond


Milestones of Lincoln 3

( Upon Dedication of Lincoln School)




          As Your East Boogie Soul Ship/Flag Ship,

            My Fleet Has Sailed Three Centuries of Lincoln School Lineage:

Spike Perkins to Jackie Joyner-Kersee

Elwood Buchanan to Miles Davis, Barbara Ann Teer to Russell Gunn

Eugene Haynes to Redina Medley & Ron Carter,


 In the 1880s you came from the Shadows of The Slave Ship,

O Fastidious Lincoln Family,

& Boarded  The Art Ship, The Scholar Ship, The Science Ship & The Sports Ship:

To Rendezvous with The Citizen Ship,

Navigated by a Brilliant Succession of Faculty Ships & Principal Ships . . .


Braving the Waves of 1991, You Disembarked at Bond Avenue

For the Memorial of Lincoln Knight Miles

& Recalled the 1962 Funeral of Miles’s father, Dr. Davis,

While Listening to the Poem “Milestone: The Birth of an Ancestor”:


Dressed up in pain

the flatted fifth began its funereal climb up the tribal stairwell:


grief-radiant as it

bulged and gleamed with moans

spread like laughter or Ethiopia’s wings

mourned its own percussive rise

became blues-borne

in the hoarse East Saint Louis air:


bore witness to the roaring calm

the garrulous silence

the caskets of tears

the gushing stillness:


the death of the Cool

became the birth of an Ancestor



Wasn’t the coolest,


or cleanest cat to cruise my halls,

       gymnasium, playing fields or confluent streets . . .



But he became the most Famous . . .


Cool or Hot, We Voyaged to this 2005 Port of Lincoln Middle School,

Reminiscent of that Crowning 1909 Arrival,

Now Sparkling as a New Cultural, Educational & Civic Flag Ship,

& “Middle,” yes, like “Passage” of our  Ancestors

About whom Imogene Wilson spoke in 1942:


      “carry the torch of intelligence lighted by our slaves ancestors . . . [and] be                                  

       dedicated to the unfinished work of these former slaves.”



 Jubilant Survivalist Song, I am! & child of Mr. & Mrs. Sippi,

The River’s King & Queen who overcame the Riot of Nineteen Seventeen

Voyaging from Scholar Ship to Citizen Ship

Navigated by a Brilliant Succession of Principal Ships . . .



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Sentinel Poetry (Online) #40


ISSN 1479-425X     March 2006