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                                Nature’s Own: Portrait of a Painter


Painting as an art form continues to transcend boundaries imposed by human expression; but somewhere between a painter’s depiction of nature and nature itself, a discerning line is drawn. The same however, cannot be said of Dan Sekanwagi’s work, our featured artist in this month’s edition. The images on Canvas are hauntingly symbolic of a modernist whose work would touch even the most inert mind. By blending sculptural shapes, adopting intricate contours, and through a deft use of contrasting hues, his offerings illustrate an intensity that is sustained only by the beholder. An encounter with work like “Great Expectations”, “The Settlers” and “The Awakening” holds you captive and compels a subliminal study. More recent paintings like “The Grapevine” and “Burning Desire” expose a longing by Sekanwagi to uncover far-reaching visual representation with a uniqueness that speaks for itself. This artist has been able to explore indigenous themes vivaciously, while capturing a link between what is real and what is imagined. Alex Calder of the Art Room Gallery (The Center for East African Art Movement) in San Francisco  must have felt the same jab upon viewing his work by proclaiming him as “one of the most imaginative and influential artists from East Africa’s Ugandan School of fine painting.”

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