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H. Masud Taj lives in Canada. He has read to audiences ranging from Officers of the Indian Navy in Bombay, to a Bosnian refugee in Vienna, and Edward Said in Delhi; in venues such as the Kingdom Café in Amsterdam, the Poetry Society in England, the Prophet's Mosque in Medina, the Roman Abbey at St. Albans, and Universities of North America and India. He was a featured poet in Ottawa Public Library series (2006) University of Toronto's Hart House Library Reading Series (1999), as well as in the Penguin anthology (India 2002), Fulcrum anthology (USA 2005) and Wespennest anthology (Austria 2006) on contemporary Indian poets. <www.taj.ca>

Innocenza Istarte has lives in Colombia and England.

Daniel Wilcox earned a degree in Creative Writing from California State University, Long Beach. He is a former literature teacher who has farmed in the Middle East and worked as a volunteer on the Cheyenne Indian Reservation. His writing has appeared in The Other Side, poetry magazines, and other publications.

Olukayode Gabadamosi studies Mass Communication at the Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago-Iwoye, Nigeria.

Mike Menard is a professor of English and Communication at Union College, in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA.

Dan Sekanwangi is a Uganda-American artist residing in Houston, Texas. He has worked as a structural draftsman, an illustrator for a leading publishing house, and as an illustrator of educational television programs for Makerere University. His sell-out exhibitions sponsored by Alliance Française at the French Cultural Center (1980) and at Firmin Gallery sponsored by Firmin Gallery (1981) in Nairobi led to an invitation to exhibit at Phoenix Gallery (West Germany 1982). Sekanwagi was awarded three grants and full sponsorships by The Commonwealth Foundation, The Visiting Arts Unit of Great Britain and The Commonwealth Institute respectively to exhibit at the Commonwealth Institute London, (England 1983). He has ssince had other exhibitions.



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