Sentinel Poetry (Online) #39

The International Journal of Poetry & Graphics

February 2006. ISSN 1479-425X. Editor: Amatoritsero Ede


Malcolm Fabiyi


Will You Share My Tears?


Sorrow came down my chimney

Packaged in a gift box, that was

Ribboned with a red sash

Dripping still with blood


You might not hear me cry

For laughter drowns my voice

You might not see the tears fall

For the heat of the mirth in this season

Dries them off my cheeks

Before they fall to earth


Where bells chimed for others

They tolled for me

So, I cannot send you flowers

Or share a sumptuous meal

But dear friend, tell me this:

Will you share with me, my tears?



Malcolm Fabiyi won the Sentinel Poetry Bar Challenge for December 2005 on the theme of “Grieving in the season of goodwill”. The December Challenge was dedicated to Akiko Taylor, a Sentinel Poet and two-time winner of the Sentinel Poetry Bar writing challenge.



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