Lucy Thomas


Irrational Thought


It takes hold; there is no end

It breathes around

No strength to lend


Unspoken words; blank thought

A mind betrayed

A mind is caught


No reason why it settled here

The frenzy inhaled

Clenched to fear


The stillness cannot inflate the lungs

One search for harm

But just whispering tongues


All that stays are tall black walls

No exit sign

Just endless halls


Absurdity has taken over

It drops like bricks

It does not sober


If pieces of time could be frozen

What a power

These moments chosen


Through clenched fists; a drawn out wait

The minutes end

And lift the weight


Finally there is the calm

No longer searching

No more alarm


All others are fine; it is done

Once again survival

But it has won





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       Lucy Thomas

Sentinel Poetry (Online) #50January 2007   ISSN 1479-425X


Editor-in-Chief: Amatoritsero Ede

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