Sentinel Poetry (Online) #38

The International Journal of Poetry & Graphics Monthly

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Toni Kan

I remember    

(6 recollections)




I remember that skirt

Short, slit and bloody red

Like a virgin’s juice

Eager bull

That red skirt

Was fire in my blood!




I remember the hot afternoons

And it wasn’t the heat that I remember

It was lust spreading like fire through my blood

I remember

The scattered files and manuscripts

The fallen clock and spilt tea

Accusing like knowing stares




I remember the last time

And your gentle plea

But the fire was too wild,

So scorching I boiled over

I remember, your deep sigh

And the words you didn’t speak.




I remember the beach.

The crook of sand

And the voices just above us

I remember the wild laughter in your eyes




I remember our first time

The rain bidding us to the bamboo groove

The first kiss; that first touch

And the fire on your fingertips

I remember your tears




I remember standing

At the foot of the stairs

And looking up your skirt

I remember your knowing smile





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