Sentinel Poetry (Online) #38

The International Journal of Poetry & Graphics Monthly

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Lynn Cohen


E-Z Rider


He roared away

NYC city smoke everywhere

Hair the color of carrots and the cat

the autumn air a pollutant


No Rhodes scholar

An Ivy keg

And camp sweatshirt

Piece together his past


Fraternity connections

Love of economics

Receding hairline

And a 401K his present


Yet I dream of carrot-topped grandchildren

“hurry up; it’s time”

I am running out of time

To run after toddlers

Hands smeared in another generation

I don’t even know where the last one went


Yesterday she cried in pink, newborn rage

Played for days after days

Left for kindergarten and college on the same day

As I ignored my thirties

My forties

My fifties

Loved a child of a man:



Taken and intense soul

Three years without rest

I continent hopped in carceral spaces

White noise

And goats my solace

Found out time could not be stopped

In autonomous moments

Yet the memories persist

Long after I thought they could

Long after I know they should.





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