Sentinel Poetry (Online) #38

The International Journal of Poetry & Graphics Monthly

ISSN 1479-425X









Cathy Anne Stevens




No balls, nor chains are locking down my legs today-

Here and now; this place contains no bars nor fetters,

Yet every ton of every inch of air bears down

In dull and solid pressure on my creaking limbs.

I am not free; concern’s ivy tendrils slither

About my ankles, shackling me to the dun earth-

Some years ago I grew too old to fly and now

I’m locked to the ground. A shocking waste of magic;

Trapped in the everyday. Freedom filtered away,

Left with plain flesh and a dream of freewheeling skies.

…One meagre way to catch a precious glimpse of space,

My wings, my escape lies behind night’s rest-locked eyes.



Cathy Anne Stevens won the Sentinel Poetry Bar Challenge (November 2005) on the theme of Freedom written as a Grossblank.



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