Sentinel Poetry (Online) #38

The International Journal of Poetry & Graphics Monthly

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Amanda Earl


Love Anarchy


you are straddling the edge of a broken poem

the earth cracked open is a geode

a loadstone

rub shoulders with the anonymous man

spread your tentacles out

to find the warmth of another hand

through these impenetrable walls

infinite hearts are beating

you must be blind to dig a tunnel

through the darkness of the cynic

to be an unreasonable miner

of the light in the dark

you must be deaf to the naysayers

cowering in their caves

you are an explorer,

searching for a new world order

an anarchist of love




Today you imagine

your girth is on purpose.

You are a time traveller.

Your curved hips

a sign of wanton sexuality.

You don't fold your arms

and hunch your body

to hide sagging breasts.

The boy who calls you fatty

speaks a language

you pretend not to understand.


Moon Cakes


Pray to the moon tonight

if you are lonely


Once an emperor

lost his love


look for her in the harvest moon

this night


Li Po invited the moon

for a drink

and drowned in the river


We unite our solitary words



the new shiver

on our skin

tells us winter is near


warm yourself

with this cup

of jasmine tea


and eat a mooncake

for me.



The Voyeur


The sushi chef spoons wasabi

along the line of sticky rice

and kamoboko

slips his hands in water

presses down

sharp knife cuts through nori

he pinches ginger

between chopsticks

I witness these intimate acts

while sucking salty pods

of edamame

that is when he looks up

and sees me

I blush

as if I've been caught

watching him make love

I dip a piece of California roll

into soy sauce

and knowing where his hands

have touched

bring it to my lips


Wave Theory


through the window,

of his farmhouse

perhaps he can see a circle

of water rippling from the centre

of an ice cold lake

his lips must be

moving against the phone

as he whispers

to me

i know the theory

of how sound

is broken into waves

transmitted over wires

but his voice breaks,

then propagates

through me


Geometry for Beginners


suppose that the angle

of spring light

is not tangent to the line of sun

crossing the highway

and that the distance

between two cities

creates a radius of shadow

and we are two

concentric circles

with a chord of vibration

singing between us


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